September 29, 2010


One of the coolest things about walking around Rome is that you never know what you are going to find. You could be walking down an alleyway then suddenly you are standing in a big square with a nice fountain. Or you will be driving along and you'll see an ancient ruin just there on the side of the road.  I have to say one of my favorite discovers has been some of the stores we've found while wandering the streets of Rome. The other day English Boy and I were on the hunt for gelato and coffee when we walked by a doorway and saw a store selling glassware.  Since we will soon be in a new apartment, we thought it might be cool to check it out. We went inside to found a huge three story, multi-roomed home design store!  I fell in love with what had to be the most expensive espresso cups in the world. I still don’t know the name of that store but I could tell it was unique and special.  From the outside it looked like nothing but an old building with bars on the windows.

Here is a picture from the alleyway. The store front is the door on the right and the two small windows.

And a view as you get closer...

Another store we had found that same day was a furniture store that looked like it consisted of only the window display. Then we walked in and it continued on for several more rooms and the whole length of the building.  I don't understand how the shopping works here. How does anyone know where to go? Or what store sells what? Is it all word of mouth or is there some directory that I haven't yet found? I can't wait to make some more awesome shopping discoveries.

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