October 30, 2010

Frascati Apartment: Part I

One of the best things about moving somewhere new is getting to decorate a new place. For the last few weeks my boyfriend and I have been working on getting our Frascati apartment comfortable and beautiful. There is still a lot that we want to do to it but it's fully functioning now. We can cook in the kitchen, shower in the bathroom, sleep on a bed, and eat at a dining table. The apartment was very nice to begin with and just a few things that needed to be updated. It was also partly furnished by the owner so we had a dining table and sofa to make it more comfortable at the start.

One of the biggest improvements to be made and one that took the longest was in the bathroom. When we moved in we had to sit to shower. So Nathan hung a shower curtain and mounted the shower head to the wall. It was actually much more complicated than it seems because we couldn't get the shower head to fit into the holder. Eventually I realized that the hose was on backwards and the ends needed to be switched. We found out why when we tried to fix it. The correct end didn't fit properly onto the faucet. With sheer determination, much frustration and a newly purchased wrench Nathan was eventually able to screw the end on. Now we can stand up to shower and have both hands free!!

Here is a view of the very small kitchen.  We didn't do much to the kitchen other than to clean every inch of it. Nathan found this rug at Ikea and felt that we absolutely needed it. Now every time he walks into the kitchen he starts humming the American national anthem. The rug is actually part of Ikea's Christmas collection.

In a kitchen so small you have to be creative with how to use the space. There is no dish washer so everything gets washed by hand. Since there really isn't space to put a drying rack, this is what we did...

These racks hang in the cabinet above the sink. The wet dishes drip down into the sink and we don't have to worry about using up all our work space to let the dishes dry. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Those are some of the things I have been working on in the apartment. Other rooms and more to come!


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