October 15, 2010

New Pet?

We came home today from a morning coffee and walk in Frascati to this little guy on our dinning room table. He was so cute and so unexpected. I'm not sure where he came from or how he got in but there he was just streached out on our new runner. We tried to rescue him but he scampered across the table, jumped, then belly flopped onto the floor. When we tried to shoo him outside he ran under a cabinet then into a crack between the base board and the floor. He hasn't been seen since. I hope he's ok! Then 5 minutes later we found his little buddy on the window sill of the bathroom.

I'm not sure how the one guy got in and until he makes another apearance I'm going to assume he's still around. So far he is known as Squishy Feet and Little Guy. Still working on his name.... He was very cute but I'm a little concerned that he though our apartment was a good place to find a meal.


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