October 15, 2010

Silly Things

Here are a few things I've found in Italy that seem a bit strange to me and I find myself asking "Whats the reasoning for that!?"

Sitting down to shower. This is the shower in our apartment and my first experience with one of these showers. I can tell you for a fact that showering like this is a lot of work and it is very hard to not get water all over the bathroom. This lasted a few days before we put a shower curtain up. Now we just need to mount the shower head to the wall.

Pointless lawn mower. The people who live in the apartment below us run this lawn mower about every other day if its not raining. I don't understand why! For one, they have to worlds smallest "lawn" and two, they run this self-propelled battery powered thing for hours when it would be quicker to just do it themselves. Finally, their grass doesn't grow that fast, they dont need to run it every other day. I'll admit the first time I saw it I laughed and ran for my camera. Now its actually a little annoying just because its loud. Still makes me giggle, though....

Car shelf. Ok, this one might make since if this person owns two cars and only has one space to put them. The reason it seems silly is just because it must be a lot of work shuffling cars around. Or if they really do only have one car then what is the point in lifting it. Its not like they can store stuff under it.

Anyway, there are many many cool things too. Once I get my internet connection figured out I'll be posting more pictures.


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