January 4, 2011

Christmas in Frascati

I know it’s a little late and everyone is probably tired of Christmas but I thought I would share a little about my holiday. This was my first year ever being away from home and away from my family for Christmas so I wasn’t sure what to expect. And it didn’t feel like Christmas leading all the way up to it. That week started out hectic for me. I had had my last day at work, flew to Italy, found a Christmas tree, did shopping for Christmas dinner, and played chauffer and host to English Boy's parents.  Then before I knew it Christmas was here!

This is the tree we got three days before Christmas. We went to a nursery in Frascati and purchased the biggest tree they had. That is where boys and girls differ. My boyfriend went for size, whereas I would have picked on for shape and looks. This tree has a funny extra long branch that sticks out the middle. It also almost looks like two trees stacked together. After staring at it for a while I now think it looks like an angel with its full skirt and wings. It is also a very tough tree. Its needles are as sharp and pointy as a cactus and being pricked by them made me itch so bad it hurt! My hands went all red and broke out in hives. I haven't touched the tree since.

Here is the tree with our meager decorations that we put up on Christmas eve. We got a string of red lights that also acts as a garland. The ornaments are ones that we had received for Christmas the year before. And the tree skirt I made out if a cheap tablecloth we found in a store in Rome. Our guests made us the star out of tin foil and card board. They had it finished and on top of the tree before I pointed out that it was actually the star of David. But I thought it added character so we went for a multi-cultural Christmas. It really did feel much more like Christmas once the tree was decorated. Do you see the angel?

Christmas eve was the only day we had to show English Boy's parents around Frascati and Rome and it rained for most of the day! But there was a brief moment when I saw this rainbow over Frascati. It reminded me of rainy days in Arizona. We also went to Rome in the evening to try to find dinner but most places were closed or charging an arm and a leg to eat there.  We ended up back home and making leek and potato soup.
This is a large nativity scene that was on top of the Spanish steps. In the rain of course.  Italians love nativity scenes during the holidays. They have them everywhere. And in many shops you can buy all the pieces to make your own.  They also sell decorations of Santa on a ladder and I see them hanging out of windows everywhere. No chimneys for Santa in Italy.

Not only was this Christmas my first away from home but also my first time cooking dinner. English Boy and I did it together in our tiny kitchen and I have to say it turned out really well.  It was a mix of Italian, English and American cooking. There is some more of that multi-cultural for you.  It was so good that I'm still feeling proud of myself and craving another big dinner like it. 

Our dining table is so small there was only room for  eating. So we brought in the table from the balcony and made a small buffet. We also did not have a lot of serving dishes or pans so some of the food was made in disposible foil pans.

Overall it was a very nice Christmas and I hope everyone also had a Buone Feste! Now to focus on the new Year.


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  1. Love the multi-cultural tree. It does look like an angel.