January 13, 2011

Frascati Pictures

 I though I'd post some pictures from around Frascati. I've been pretty bad about taking pictures the last few days; which is a total crime since I did get a new camera for Christmas. But I'm trying to get better. I hope you enjoy!

Here is a picture of a sunset I took a couple of weeks ago. The view is from my bedroom window. I just love the colors in the sky.

There always seems to be weekend events happening in Frascati. A couple of Sundays ago there were all these stall selling antiques and craft type things. Most of the stuff looked a bit... how do I put this politely... old lady collector type stuff, but I did find some side tables that English Boy and I really loved. We were both short on cash though so we didn't bother asking the price.

 Another view of the market.

Here is another sunset, this one from this evening. It is the same sunset and the picture I put in my header. This picture came out a little blurry (I'm still figuring out my new camera) but I love the shapes in the sky.

 This is the main road into Frascati from Rome and a view of the sunset behind some really giant trees.

The prime passeggiata spot in Frascati. This were the Italians go for an evening stroll to see and be seen.

I hope you like!


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  1. I'm still drooling at my computer, just so you know. Rome!!! I'm so jealous:)