January 17, 2011

Snowboarding in Ovindoli

The other day we went snowboarding. I had only been once before so I was very nervous to strap my feet to a board and slip down a mountain. Plus cold and I are not usually friends. The first time I ever went snowboarding was in Arizona. It wasn't the greatest place for a total beginner to learn, plus I didn’t have the proper snow clothes. Wearing jeans and sitting (falling) in snow just don’t mix. It wasn't the most fun I had every had… I was crying and pitching fits because of the cold… so remembering that experience made me apprehensive to try it again.  But since it is one of English Boys favorite things to do, I really  want to suck it up and learn.

This time the experience was much better. We went to the Ovindoli Ski Resort. It is half way between Rome and Pescara near a town called Ovindoli. It was only about an hour and 45 minute drive. As we went we were getting a little nervous driving though the mountain because we couldn't see any snow. Then we came out of a tunnel and saw these mountain peaks.

The drive seemed so quick and it was so easy to rent a snowboard and boots (only €10!) that before I knew it, I was standing on top of a hill with my feet strapped to a board. This time I had proper snowboarding clothes so falling in the snow wasn’t so bad but I was still scared of hurting myself. After my first couple of falls I learned quickly not to use my hands to catch. This resort was great because it had a very good area for beginners to learn. I spent most of the day on the baby slope just trying to get the basics down. It had this conveyer belt type thing that made it much easier to get up the slope.  I definitely recommend learning to snowboard at a place with one of these.

Once I started getting better, English Boy made me try this bigger and steeper but still beginner slope.  Very few people were on it and it turned out the be very icy.  It hadn't snowed in Ovindoli for several days so we were pretty lucky with the conditions we did get. But an icy slope is no fun to fall on and very difficult to get control.

I had to use a ski lift on this slope.  My least favorite part.

I went down the intermediate slope twice and it about finished me. But I gave the baby slope another try after that and it became so much easier. I did two really great runs then for my final snowboarding run of the day I had my hardest most painful fall of the day. Of course English Boy had to be watching after missing the times I did really good! I was leaning backwards but somehow fell forward. I landed first on my knees then slammed my chest and head into the snow. It knocked all the air out of me and it took me a second to see straight again. I still have the bruises on my knees.  I was so disappointed to finish like that.

By then the resort was getting ready to close and we still hadn't made it to the top of the mountain. I was too beat up and exhausted for more snowboarding so we dropped my board at the car and headed for the gondola to the top. Even in pain I could admire the view...

At the top there were even more ski lifts along with several snack bars and restaurants. We had 15 minutes until closing time so I snapped some pictures then caught the gondola back down. English Boy snowboarded his way down and beat me by a long shot. 

The Ovindoli Ski Resort seemed like a really good place for snowboarding and skiing. It had slopes for all levels and I was able to get just a little better.  Maybe next time I'll get to enjoy the intermediate slope. Over all it was a good day but the next day I could hardly move. Talk about a full body workout!


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  1. It seems like the worst falls always happen towards the end of the day! I'm always really tired at the end of the day and make silly mistakes. Bah! But I'm glad you had a better experience than your previous one:) I loveee skiing!