February 24, 2011

New Welcome and Update

I'm sorry I've been a horrible blogger lately! I won't make excuses but I'm going to fix it starting now. I've been thinking a lot lately about my blog and working on making it more focused. So I thought I would update you all on what will be coming up. I'm going to keep posting about adventures and sightseeing because, after all, this is a travel blog. But I also want to focus on other things like pictures, food and the Italian language. I'm also still trying to get the look of my blog figured out. So there might be some changes as I play around and learn how to do the design.

I've never been much of a photographer but would really like to get better. So hopefully I'll be posting more and better pictures. I've asked English boy to teach me how to use his DSLR and I also want to get better with my point and shoot camera. Hopefully I can pick up some tips. 

I also want to start posting about some of the food and recipes I've experienced here. Italy is such a great place for food and it's so much a part of the culture here. There is no way I could leave it out of my blog. So look out for some posts about restaurants, bars, cafes, and recipes from my own kitchen!

And finally I thought I would keep you all updated on my struggle with the Italian language. I've been here for months and still haven't learn much more than how to order a coffee and some basic vocabulary. I figure posting about it might motivate me to focus more on learning.

Leave me a comment if you have any tips for my blog or things you would like to hear about!  I love hearing about what you all have to say about my posts.


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  1. Awesome, can't wait to see the changes and pictures. And I can't wait to try some recipes!