March 26, 2011

Old Stuff and Bright Colors: Sightseeing in Marrakech

In my last post I told you a bit about my trip to Marrakech and my overall impression. This time I want to share some of the things we saw. After about a day in Marrakech, we realized that visiting tourist attractions was the best way to escape the constant hustle from the city locals.  One of the first places we went was the Badi Palace. It was mostly destroyed so all that was really left was the skeleton of the building.  Just the size of the palace was really impressive though.
All over the tops of the walls were precariously perched stork nest.  It was surprising that some were even hanging on. Also, in Marrakech there are stray cats everywhere so I just had to get this picture of a cat halfway up an ancient wall meowing at the giant storks nest. I found it so funny.
 It started to rain while we were there so our sightseeing ended pretty quickly. We also visited the Saadian Tombs that day but they weren't as exciting as I thought they would be. And the rain was killing my enthusiasm. These tombs were kept in place and not destroyed with the palace due to superstition or some such. There was not much information on sight to I didn't learn very much.
The last day of our trip we visited a botanical garden designed by the artist Jacques Majorelle. This was one of my favorite places in all of Marrakech.  The colors are so vivid and exciting; I couldn't help smiling while I was here. 
Can you tell I really loved the blue? I hardly took any pictures of the plants. But just to be fair, there were a lot of cactus in this garden; which is not anything new to this Arizona girl. There were so many tourists visiting the Majorelle Gardens that it was hard to get pictures without people in them.
I also want to mention the restaurant we went to for dinner one night, Cafe Arabe. It was completely touristy as far as restaurants go but so nice. The food was great and the restaurant was nicely decorated. And the biggest plus about it... it had the nicest and cleanest bathroom in all of Marrakech.
I had such a great time on this trip. I can't wait to see more of Morocco. Check out my last post if you want to hear more about my trip and see more pictures. I hope I was able to give you a little taste of what Marrakech is like.

Leave me a comment if you have ever been or want to go. I want to hear about your experiences!



  1. The botanical garden shots are so beautiful. I love the cactus too.

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